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Good morning/Bad morning

I hope the font is better. I don’t like it so big as the one I did for the Neelys, but I’ll keep working on it :) One last thing! Scoot over here and vote for your favorite Girl Scout Cookie. Only eight (seriously?!) people have voted so far! Did you know about the Lemon Chalet recall? Would’ve been nice to know about that before I mowed (pronounced like “Mao”+ed. Hear it by pressing the little speaker icon) down a whole box. Poor Girl Scouts :(

Coming home from working my 16 hour shift this morning, I was in pretty high spirits. I was excited that this is my last work day until Sunday, the sun was blinding shining, and I was overall determined to have a great day! Sunshine really is like crack to me. You don’t want no parts of this after a week of gloomy weather. Upon arriving home, I’m even more excited because the boo bear isn’t awake and there isn’t an overly excited puppy jumping and scratching and snorting for my attention. This means that I get a .precious. few moments alone with the husband before he scoots off to work. Great morning, right?! He EVEN saved me the last Cherry Coke Zero–it’s a good thing, his life might have been at risk ;) No, not really, maybe a little…

I go downstairs to get a hug and kiss and am greeted with a sniff and the kind of hug you give your Aunt Tillie who smells like mothballs or something. One of those hugs guys give each other. You know the one I’m talking about? Not exactly sweeping me off my feet. Then he said it. “You smell like Arbys. And I’m having flashbacks of when I used to work there and come home from work and smell like fryer grease and french fries.” Ouch.  I don’t work in fast food or any type of food industry actually. I’m hesitant to say exactly what it is that I do, but trust me, even if I had been working the night shift at Taco Bell (Arbys isn’t even open late. What’s he talking about? pfffft), that’s not the first thing you say to your wife after she’s been gone working for 16 hours and her phone died about six hours in. Good morning/bad morning. Good thing he was leaving for the day ;) Haha no, I kid, I kid…again! I love love my husband :)

Had a little photo shoot after breakfast and Bible time with the kid and the pup. Head on over here to see pictures and learn a teeny tiny bit more about me.


One of my favorite days (there’s a lot actually) to remember God’s goodness: husband and my (is that grammatically correct? Husband and mine’s?) anniversary. Three years. Yeow. It’s been fun. Hard. Ugly. Boring, exciting, comfortable, miserable, peaceful, kind, harsh, loving. We’ve run the gamut, as I’m sure everyone else has. No need to go into all the gory details of the past year, but it’s been something. Fo’rilla. The most important thing I’m coming away with over this year is to not take my marriage for granted. When I got married, I just assumed it’d be for life. There wasn’t an alternative. I did not want to raise a child in a broken home. Not an option. How little do I know? Having come back from the brink of my ‘not an option,’ I’m met with a profound gratefulness and understanding about what it means when we say “our God is mighty to save.”

He truly showed Himself mighty and faithful in my marriage, and He will continue to do so. I’m not a perfect wife by any means and I still do my part in hurting my marriage and husband, but without the months during this past year that were clearly disastrous, maybe both of us would’ve missed out on some very valuable lessons. I’m not one to say that things always have to be done the difficult way in order for lessons to be learned, because I don’t believe that, but I am saying that I have decided to take what we did/what happened and better myself by learning from it.

I love my mighty Lord and His precious gift to me, husband. My hope for the next year is that I will see my husband like God does: His precious son He sent His Son to die for. Someone to be cherished and respected, loved in spite of himself, just like God loves me.

No good segue’s into dinner from here, my bad.  Dinner on date night was from Outback. I highly recommend the chicken something-or-other. It was a chicken breast with bacon and cheese on it--how can you go wrong?! And the cheese fries, I don’t even need to explain those. Heaven on an artery clogging, ranch and melted cheese covered, deep fried plate. Whoo! :)And then we saw the Book of Eli, previously reviewed.