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Blogging, really?

Most people reading this are doing so because I thought they might be interested and told them about it. For those of you who stumbled here some other way--a little about myself. I’m a Christian. Not an awesome one, but I do love the Lord and my desire is to live in such a way that is pleasing to Him. Some people who know me might even be surprised by that, which means I haven’t done all that great a job, but I am a work in progress (Philippians 1:6 For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus). Christian, check. I’m also a wife. I’m not trying to get stalked or anything crazy like that, so my name is wife and my husband’s name is husband. I love him bunches. Since this is introductory, I won’t go into a lot of detail about that, but I’m sure it’ll come up again. I’m also the mother of a darling angel named, you might have guessed it, daughter. She’s beyond description in the best possible way. I’m a daughter and sister too.
 I’m a stay at home mom, which is way harder than working outside the home. How do I know? Because I work evenings and midnights outside of the home too. I wouldn’t call my outside job hard,  but it just complicates things and causes me to be outside of the home where my real joy and love and work is, but I do have time to blog there! Ha! I’m old-fashioned. I cook and clean and grocery shop, all that jazz. Husband is great to help when I ask and sometimes even when I don’t. It’s dizzyingly exhausting some days, but shockingly rewarding too. I wouldn’t change it. Well, to be honest, that’s a lie; I would love to not have to work at all so that I could focus on what I think I do best, taking care of my family. Anyhow, I digress. 

So why one earth do I think I need to start a blog? Because I have hours of free time just sitting around waiting to be wasted, that’s why! Not really. I’m not sure why exactly. I love to talk about myself, obviously? No, not that. It started out because I try to cook dinner five or six nights a week (try, don’t judge me if I only make it to four or something) and I try to keep things poppin’ and mixed up, so it was going to be about my dinner adventures. I also make other random things: muffins, cookies, bread and so on in order to pass the time on slow days with daughter. Then I came up with a catchy name to include things beyond dinner, so that if I wanted to do a movie review one day it would fit within the parameters of my description. And so, Dinner & Discourse (D&D) begins.	 So that’s that. I’ll do it as often as I feel keen to and time permits. I’ve got my hands full, but I like to talk :) And smile, and share dinner and recipe ideas, etc.