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DIY Kids Artwork Display

This is going to be quick and easy! If you have kids, they usually come home with artwork at least once or twice a week. I save some things, but if I saved everything, someone would turn me over to that hoarding show on TLC. Abby-bug gets her feelings hurt when she sees stuff in the trash, but I’ve come up with a way to display the new things for a little while before they head to the farm. It might not be for everyone, but I like it :)


Twine or fishing line

Clothespins–glue and craft paper


Command hooks

Put the command hooks onto the wall, attach the twine and hang up the artwork! See? Easy peasy :) If you want to decorate your clothespins like mine, go here.


You can dress this up even more if you like; I just happened to have these hooks already :)

these are so cute

Then you can take a picture of the artwork before you throw it away and keep a digital copy :)

Valentine’s Day Fun Stuff

I know these posts are kind of supposed to be done before the actual holiday, in case you want to steal my ideas and stuff, but I’m just not that ahead of my game yet. Lily is 10 weeks old and I’m still catching up. At least it’s not the day after right?!

What’s up with the apostrophe? Is there an apostrophe in Valentine’s Day? I know apostrophes show possession (?), so there shouldn’t be an apostrophe right? Because the valentines aren’t possessing the day, or are they? Or is it a day for valentines (as in a bunch of valentines)? I’ve thoroughly confused myself. Any teachers out there care to shed some light?

We started the day with breakfast. Last year I’m pretty sure I made heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes. Last year I didn’t have a wittle baby to feed at 7am. Not wanting to drop the ball on holiday tradition, I decided to make biscuit donuts. They’re fairly easy, but when you’re pressed for time because wittle baby slept in (yea!) and daddy dearest has to get out the door for work, nothing is fairly easy.  All you’re basically doing is frying refrigerated biscuits. You can roll them in cinnamon and sugar afterward, make some chocolate ganache and make chocolate donuts, the possibilities are endless! I decided for festive (aka all I had and all I had time for) valentine colors this morning. I also used a heart cookie cutter to complete the valentines/valentine’s day food fun.


ready for an oil bath

peppermint sprinkles are my FAVORITE

pink candy melts add messy flair

Don’t make the oil super hot. I couldn’t find my thermometer (did I mention I was rushed) and I was rushed so I set the temperature too high which led to quick browning and not a lot of cooking which led to doughy donuts. Boo. It’s the thought that counts, though, right? Abby bit into one and said, “Dad, what’s that cheesy stuff inside?” Bless her heart. Sorry babe. I hope the pink milk made up for it.

This next craft I won’t take credit for and it was just something else I was rushed to do (for some reason having a wittle baby makes me feel very rushed. I wonder why? And she’s even a good baby!). But hopefully dad will appreciate it nonetheless. The idea came from Roots and Wings. It will be a cute thing to continue on down the years as the girls’ hands grow.

our version. i love four year old hands.

And finally (whew, this is a long one, no?), my new obsession (aside from cake pops!!), Here are a few of the things I’ve made.

daddy/husband dearest

grammy whammy

Lord willing, I’ll also be able to make one for Abby’s teachers as their valentine tomorrow. Isn’t it the coolest? It takes some messing around to get it just how you want it and I’m still not exactly sure how to make it how I want, other than randomizing it until I hit the jackpot, but have fun and go play! I see many gifts in my future. And, a thesaurus.

DIY Valentine’s Day Bags

This will be short and sweet because I have Lily in the swing making a whoopee for me to clean up. And hey! It hasn’t even been a week! So Abby has her Valentine’s Day party on Tuesday and I stumbled across these cute little bags. I wanted to make them more kid friendly and user specific, so I made my own version with Word for Mac. It wasn’t easy. I’m not gonna lie. And they’re not nearly as cute as the ones at Twig & Thistle, but they’ll certainly do for a bunch of preschoolers?! I’m going to write each child’s name in the middle.

PS-Im going to make brownies and use a heart cookie cutter on them, stick those in snack bags, in the Valentine bag with some Cars valentines and send Abby to school :o)


brownie bag, DIY brown bag

tada. i edited out the name of her school.

The bags certainly made my printer hate life. That’s what I get for buying brown lunch bags from Walmart. Next time I will try a craft store. And maybe white bags. I got the fonts from here. They’re free and easy to use. I found the font website from my friend Jerica’s craft blog. Look her up.


Happy Valentine’s Day! That was fast. Got some poop to deal with now.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Willy nilly and fancy free. Quite nicely actually. I was a little scared because I’ve planted oh-so-many things with oh-so-none success. Well, that’s only partly true; everything I plant sprouts, but has failed to bloom–until now! There are actually bright yellow flowers on my cucumbers and watermelons. I’m hoping that’s a good sign and does not mean they’ve contracted some sort of disease or that I planted strange, spreading yellow flower plants instead of fruit. Some pictures you ask? WHY SURE! :)

and so we begin

cucumbers sprouting on their mounds

spinach sprouts? or weeds? they turned out to be spinach =/

sugar baby watermelon sprouts

So that was my little garden as of May 25th. And nowwwww…..

the longshot

watermelon vines everywhere

watermelon flower

my ca-ca-crazy cucumbers

cucumber flowers

my maters needed stakin'

If you’re curious about why there aren’t any spinach pictures (which I know you are), it’s because they’re a little sad. I mean, I plucked half of my crop  by accident and now they’re just sad looking. They look like spinach leaves, but do I pick them and eat them now? I know they’re more of a cold weather plant and I didn’t get around to planting until the second week of May, so with temperatures in the 90’s it might just not be my year for spinach. But oh well. I’m pretty pleased with the rest of my progress! The first part of Proverbs 14:23 is one of Little Big Girl’s memory verses and it goes like this: “All hard work brings a profit.” So not only are we (by we, I mean mostly me) having fun in the dirt and working hard for our food, but we’re standing on God’s Word as well.

The weeding has been more difficult than I’d like, but I think that’s only because I’m pregnant and can’t do the heat much right now. Next year I’ll definitely be doing some weed block (that black netting stuff). When it’s not 445 degrees, I actually like pulling up weeds :) Little Big Girl? Not so much involved since we planted, but she’s three and “being sweaty makes [her] have a wedgie,” so who can argue with that?! :) She’ll enjoy harvesting though and when she’s a little bigger I can force the labor on her. I’m hood like that.

Have a fantabulous week and hopefully I’ll make something interesting for dinner :) I reeeaallly want some chicken salad. Can we just have chicken salad sandwiches for dinner with macaroni and cheese? Hmmm…

Pet Rocks

Rock Pets? I’ve been confused about the official name of these little guys ever since I desired to make them. I actually made them a long time ago, before Easter, but just held on to it because its quick, easy, good ‘blog material.’ So I sent the Little Big Girl to gather rocks from the backyard, which was a fun little time in and of itself. We washed them up and headed to Hobby Lobby to buy supplies. Nothing too crazy; some straw hats, pom poms, and of course, googley eyes!

rock pet supplies


painted rocks


googly eyes

Little Big Girl liked putting the eyes and pom poms on :)

pet rocks

fine looking bunch

animal rock pets

the animals + ladybug

So there’s our beautiful collection of hand-painted (Etsy shop anyone?) rock pets/pet rocks :) Now I needed somewhere to display them and I had the perfect spot in mind: our bare bathroom wall. Everyone needs a conversation starter in the bathroom, yes? Maybe not, but that’s where I put them. I had a wooden train storage thing that I sanded, painted, and put picture hangers on the back of to get the job done.

i dont remember what the scissors were for


picture hangers

rocky roadhouse restroom! ha!

Easter Egg Tree

Great googly-moogly! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve sat down to write a post, no? Seems like forever! I was in a pretty good rhythm for oh, you know, a day or two, then my mom came, then A (my toddler girl) got sick, then I got sick, then I felt like I need a good three days rest for a one day sickness. I have a lot of things to post (wait, didn’t I say that a few days ago?); I just need to go about getting it done :)

I’m all about holiday themed crafts and decorations. Trouble is, I’m not the least bit crafty, nor do I have a lot of extra money to actually spend on crafts. I especially like outdoor crafts and decorations relating to the current holiday! I used to have one of those flag poles. You know, the one’s with a bracket that you screw into your house, attach a pole to, and then hang $20 flags from? Oh how I loved that flag pole! Over the winter a giant snow drift hung from our roof onto the flag pole and the weight of it caused the plastic bracket to snap, leaving me outdoor decoration-less. My solution? Totally steal borrow an idea from our neighbor down the road for a plastic Easter egg tree :)


  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Fishing line or clear jewelry cord
  • Scissors
  • Maybe: A push pin or small nail & hammer

I bought (actually, my momma bought) the Easter eggs and fishing line at Hobby Lobby for a whopping $4 (give or take $1)! I got the biggest eggs I could find, and would’ve gone bigger if they would have had them, but whatever you size you like is fine. We bought 12, but could’ve used 18 or even 24 if we really wanted to go Easter egg ca-razy. If you can find the plastic eggs with a hole already in the top, that’s great, but if not, it’s no E. No big ‘e,’ biggie, get it? :)

easter egg tree


If you do not have a hole in your egg already, you’ll need to make one. A small one. Or else you’re going to have to try to make a huge knot with a very thin material which isn’t that cool. I used a pushpin and hammer.

when pushing isn't enough

After you’ve made your hole, cut a length of fishing line. The length is all up to you. Insert both ends of the fishing line through the top of the egg, so you have two loose ends on the inside of the egg. You want your knot on the inside of the egg, big enough so it won’t pull through the hole, leaving you a nice, neat loop on top to hang on the tree.

a teeny, tiny knot

There wasn’t any good way to take a picture of ‘invisible’ fishing line on the inside of a hot pink egg, my apologies. If the explanation above leaves you feeling lost, confused, and like a DIY failure, leave me comment and I’ll try to explain better.After you’ve tied your knot, snap your egg together and repeat! It was a very tedious process. I had to make four or five small knots on top of each other to make one big enough that wouldn’t go through the hole.

ready to hang!

Once you’re finished, head outside and start decorating :)

easter tree decorating

grammy and the bug

tada! :)

I mean, for $4, you really can’t beat it. Sure, a $20 flag with a cute bunny on it would be nice too, but this just adds a little festivity to your yard and is a great project for little ones. The baby girl hung most of them on the low branches and then I moved them around afterward ;) It says to your neighbors, “Hey, we’re fun, and we like to celebrate holidays.” What’s your yard saying about you?!

What outdoor DIY Easter decorations did you do this year? I love new ideas! :)

DIY Dog Food Station

I’ve been gone awhile and I need to post something! I have lots of things to post that aren’t quite finished yet, but the type A in me won’t let me post something that isn’t yet finished :) So, this post is kind of a fluff post to make sure you all don’t think I’ve fallen off the blogosphere, AND it’s still a good idea nonetheless :) My mom is in town and A has been afflicted with some kind of pukage virus/food poisoning, so I’ve been dealing with that. Today is going MUCH better than yesterday, so we will be able to finish up those little craft projects later today.

Our dog food area was looking pretty sad when we first got our dog. I didn’t have money to go out and buy cute bowls and feeders, so it left a lot to be desired. She was just eating out of porcelain ramekins at first.

white porcelain ramekin

not that cool

They slid around and clanged together and Leah was growing out of them pretty quickly. So I found some of these at Walmart for about $4 :)


a little better :)

Then we had a problem with Leah splashing her water all over the floor, which was highly annoying. A kitchen rag underneath was hardly visually appealing, so what did I do? I bought a $2 placemat!

dog food placemat

just a regular ol' placemat!

dog food placemat

i dig the green+gray

dog food station

looking thrilled!

The bowls still slide around a little, but not as badly. That could be fixed by attaching a piece of a no-slip carpet pad to the bottom of the bowls. Voila! Easy peasy. Cheap too! :) What does your dog food station/area/place look like?