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Book Of ELi

Husband and I went to dinner and a movie to celebrate our third anniversary (yay! More about that later). I’ve become very picky and prudish over the past couple of months about the movies that I watch, so it’s rare that I really like one nowadays. That being said, I’d recommend the Book of Eli :) Aside from a handful of curse words and some intimated (learned that from Beth Moore, ha!) sex scenes, the inappropriate level was low-ish. There was a lot of violence and gore, so be forewarned, but I just closed my eyes :) Denzel did a great job as always and Mila Kunis wasn’t bad either. I never felt the need to watch ‘That 70’s show’ so this may be the first thing I’ve ever seen her in (?). I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but the movie is about the Bible. You surely gathered that from the previews I hope?! Most Christians and the Bible are portrayed by the media in a condescending, weak way. Not in this instance. Husband and I actually walked out of theatre talking about God and the power of His Word; hopefully others will too :) Go see it!