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Valentine’s Day Fun Stuff

I know these posts are kind of supposed to be done before the actual holiday, in case you want to steal my ideas and stuff, but I’m just not that ahead of my game yet. Lily is 10 weeks old and I’m still catching up. At least it’s not the day after right?!

What’s up with the apostrophe? Is there an apostrophe in Valentine’s Day? I know apostrophes show possession (?), so there shouldn’t be an apostrophe right? Because the valentines aren’t possessing the day, or are they? Or is it a day for valentines (as in a bunch of valentines)? I’ve thoroughly confused myself. Any teachers out there care to shed some light?

We started the day with breakfast. Last year I’m pretty sure I made heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes. Last year I didn’t have a wittle baby to feed at 7am. Not wanting to drop the ball on holiday tradition, I decided to make biscuit donuts. They’re fairly easy, but when you’re pressed for time because wittle baby slept in (yea!) and daddy dearest has to get out the door for work, nothing is fairly easy.  All you’re basically doing is frying refrigerated biscuits. You can roll them in cinnamon and sugar afterward, make some chocolate ganache and make chocolate donuts, the possibilities are endless! I decided for festive (aka all I had and all I had time for) valentine colors this morning. I also used a heart cookie cutter to complete the valentines/valentine’s day food fun.


ready for an oil bath

peppermint sprinkles are my FAVORITE

pink candy melts add messy flair

Don’t make the oil super hot. I couldn’t find my thermometer (did I mention I was rushed) and I was rushed so I set the temperature too high which led to quick browning and not a lot of cooking which led to doughy donuts. Boo. It’s the thought that counts, though, right? Abby bit into one and said, “Dad, what’s that cheesy stuff inside?” Bless her heart. Sorry babe. I hope the pink milk made up for it.

This next craft I won’t take credit for and it was just something else I was rushed to do (for some reason having a wittle baby makes me feel very rushed. I wonder why? And she’s even a good baby!). But hopefully dad will appreciate it nonetheless. The idea came from Roots and Wings. It will be a cute thing to continue on down the years as the girls’ hands grow.

our version. i love four year old hands.

And finally (whew, this is a long one, no?), my new obsession (aside from cake pops!!), Here are a few of the things I’ve made.

daddy/husband dearest

grammy whammy

Lord willing, I’ll also be able to make one for Abby’s teachers as their valentine tomorrow. Isn’t it the coolest? It takes some messing around to get it just how you want it and I’m still not exactly sure how to make it how I want, other than randomizing it until I hit the jackpot, but have fun and go play! I see many gifts in my future. And, a thesaurus.