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Vampires, Christians, and Werewolves, OH MY!

Vampires are hot right now. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware of the flood of books, television, and movies being dedicated to the subject. This current fascination with vampires has invaded every aspect of our culture, and frankly, I’m a little put off by it. I guess I’ll need to premise this by saying that I’m not trying to condemn anyone or paint myself in a brighter light than someone else and that I have many  friends and family  who are  fans of some of the vampire stuff out there now. I’m writing more because I know, for me, it’s something I’ve been called away from, and I’m trying to figure out the bigger picture and how this vampire ‘culture’ relates to Christianity, if it all.

I’ll also start by saying that I rarely missed an episode of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ when I was a teenager and I don’t feel as strongly about Harry Potter and the like, but nonetheless, that’s still witchcraft, right? So I’m still working out the kinks in my beliefs and convictions I suppose. I think it’s the sudden in-your-face-ness of it now that strikes me differently than when ‘Buffy’ was just a sleeper show on the WB (?). Here’s what started my desire to finally write about this.


Is this really a magazine cover that will be on newsstands nationwide? You’re really telling me its not on a magazine from one of those places? I’m kind of speechless even just seeing it again. Why is this happening in our world today? I mean, I know why, but why does it seem like everyone thinks this is ok? Why are vampires and blood suddenly sexy? Sex has been perverted enough, but blood and the undead? (I’m not even going to mention the stuff I’ve learned that goes on on the show ‘True Blood’). And like I said, this isn’t something you’re going to find in an X-rated store off the interstate–its everywhere.

Girls so in love with a vampire that they’re willing to give up everything, including their soul, for his sake (I’ve never read or seen Twilight, but I’m told that’s the gist of it). Our girls are being seduced by this vampire culture. Seduced away from the One who can truly make their lives eternal. Seduced away from the One who can truly fulfill them and meet their needs. Seduced away from the One who truly did shed His blood for them.

I’m being a bit dramatic. But am I? This is a big deal right? Sometimes I’m even tempted to explain it away as ‘harmless’ entertainment, and for some maybe it is, but is it? This vampire obsession has literally gripped our country and become so prevalent that I’m not so sure its harmless anymore. Isn’t evil, even handsome, idealized, romanticized, sugar-coated entertainment, still evil? I don’t know. I watch plenty of things I know I shouldn’t (Real Housewives anyone?), but there’s something about this that kind of makes my stomach churn.

Shedding (drinking?) blood to cause one’s immorality–isn’t that Jesus’ job? Not a vampire? Is it offering a cheapened form of Christ’s work on the cross? Is the country being led astray by something masquerading around as ‘no big deal’? That’s what Satan does right, trick us? We don’t really need Jesus because there are other paths to take to receive eternal life? “There is a way that seems right to a man..”? Sure, maybe not everyone who reads a vampire book gets sucked (pun? yes please!) in like that, but my fear is for the people who do. Who don’t know Jesus. Young girls caught in the romantic side of it all, looking for their Edward, when they should be searching for Jesus. Even for the Church who has totally turned a blind eye and been seduced as well.

My conclusion? My only conclusion is that for me, vampires are not something to which I’m supposed to give my time or attention…after spending 30 minutes writing this :) I guess my hope is that people will seek the Lord in this. Maybe it’s one of those gray areas like drinking (not getting wasted, but a glass of wine here and there)? Like, God convicts certain people about that at His timing and not others? I don’t know though, the Bible is pretty clear about the sacredness of the shedding of blood, the path to eternal life, witchcraft, and socializing with the dead.

What do you think?