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A Fairy Party

Abby turned four. I can’t even believe it. She’s growing into a little girl right before my eyes. I still refer to her as a toddler though. Toddler she is not, however. She is…a force to be reckoned with. For good, bad, and otherwise, she is a strong little person and I’m so blessed she is in my life. Having Lily actually made me appreciate Abby even more, if that makes any sense. I’ve told many people in my real life this, but I think I’ll tell the general blog population too: very early on in my pregnancy with Abby I prayed for her to be a joy and blessing. Those exact words. That exact phrase. Many, many times. Well, can I just tell you how awesome God is? You couldn’t even guess how many people (strangers included) have told me exactly that, that she is a joy and a blessing. And that she truly is. She’s just amazing. She is dynamic. She is loud. She’s hilarious. She’s outgoing. She’s absolutely smart. Sometimes too smart (she takes after momma ;)). She is cuddly, but only at bedtime now because she knows we will take any chance we get to cuddle with her, delaying bedtime. During the day though, she tells me that she is four and doesn’t want to cuddle anymore. Enter my broken heart. She’s a parrot. I love the way she smells. She smells like a kid. You know? Like peanut butter and honey sandwiches and all the other food she eats with her hands :) She’s trying to figure the world out and it’s scary.

Anywho, I’ve gone on long enough. I’m absolutely in love with her though. On to the party! Her interests change from day to day all depending on the movie or show she’s watched most recently. So, we had a fairy party! After watching the Tinkerbell movies 78 times, I decided that I wanted the food to go along with the movie. I made fairy friends for all of us to munch on. Nice, huh?

I’ll start with the bees.

what they should've looked like

what mine looked like

First off, I’m not even 100% sure there were bees in the movie, but Abby didn’t mind. I had high hopes for these little suckers. They looked so easy. On paper. Everybody and their uncle are making cake pops these days. They’re everywhere. My particular inspiration was taken from Bakerella. Her stuff is true art. It’s amazing. Cake pops are no easy thing though. I would like to ask her how she got her chocolate so perfect looking. As you can see from my picture, my bees are hardly uniform (creative decorating aside). I was making these suckers at 5am, but still! How did she get her yellow chocolate so PERFECT?! I gave  up on actually having the bees fly after forming the balls, errr bodies. My mixture was a gloppy mess, and I used flour to dry things up. Didn’t seem to affect the taste any because these bad boys were the first to disappear. Delicious? Yes. Ridiculously time consuming? Yes. If anyone has any cake pop tips, I want ’em! There are so many cutesy things on the Bakerella website I want to try. But not if mine are only going to look like a kindergarten attempt compared to hers :(

Next we had acorns. Why acorns? Because of Terrence.

acorn hat

acorn snacks

Terrence wears an acorn hat and Daddy dearest is always Terrence when we play pretend, so we had to pay homage. And because I like healthy, fun snacks :) These are just almonds dipped in chocolate! They really do look like acorns, no? Here is where I got the inspiration. There are actually a few different options to make acorn snacks, should you ever have a need to make acorn snacks.

Moving on to more healthy and delicious and my personal favorite.

insect snack food

yummy ladybugs

I wish the picture was better. But I was learning to wear Lily (incorrectly) and I only had one hand to hold my big ol’ camera. These were so delicious I want to go make some now. A strawberry with mini chocolate chips stuck in the top and a blueberry skewered on. How stupid cute is that?! And healthy?! Bonus? Ladybugs were featured a lot in the first movie. Score for me and my themed party. Jk.

This next snack was good, but could’ve been better. Next time I’ll know.


Another crappy picture. Whoops. These are pieces of celery with tinted cream cheese, raisins, and pretzels. Now, a friend and I made these the night before and stuck them in the fridge. Mistake. It made the pretzels reaaallly gross. Mushy on the bottom and hard on the top. Skip the pretzels until serving time. The raisins too, just to be safe. But what a fun way to get kids to eat this stuff? Food coloring makes everything more fun and apparently so does making it into an insect.

What’s a party without favors? My party apparently. I swear I made them folks. But when it was clean up time, the bag they were in got put in the car with the rest of our miscellaneous stuff. Sorry :(

woulda, coulda, shoulda

oreo suckers

The oreo suckers were also more difficult than anticipated. Delicious? Without a doubt. But man, Oreos sure are fragile. I had about 18 of them break on me trying to twist them open to stick the sucker stick in there. I normally don’t twist them open though, so maybe my technique was bad. My friend helping me make them had a hard time too though, so I blame the Oreos. Stupid good though.

The cake.

tinkerbell cake

stripper cake

Oh the cake. It is truly only by the grace of God I managed to get this thing made in 8 hours with both girls by myself. I made the skirt (although Daddy dearest was kind enough to point out that it doesn’t look much like a skirt but rather something one pops out of) using a metal mixing bowl and the top half of another bowl. It took an obscene amount of time to cook, and I’m not sure if it was even good. I put it on top of a regular 9×13 cake. I wrapped Tink in saran wrap because I knew if something happened to her skin Abby wouldn’t play with her. Boo.

doll cake

glad she put some clothes on

Then I squished on some icing to cover her up. It was a children’s party after all. I’m no good with the star tip. I don’t know if my icing was too soft or what. It looked fine and nice even, but up close it was a hot mess. Not the nice starry, strapless shirt I imagined.

doll cake

tink and her friends (and herself again)

The crown jewel of the party. For me anyway. What’s a Tinkerbell cake without her friends?!

So this is my fourth major cake. I started when Abby turned one and have continued with an outside of the box cake ever since. I’m thinking of stopping after five though. Unless I take a class, which I will probably do once Lily is older. Peace. It’s late. And I need to stop eating Sour Cream & Cheddar ruffles. That is no way to lose baby fat. That’s your free tip for the day.