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DIY Kids Artwork Display

This is going to be quick and easy! If you have kids, they usually come home with artwork at least once or twice a week. I save some things, but if I saved everything, someone would turn me over to that hoarding show on TLC. Abby-bug gets her feelings hurt when she sees stuff in the trash, but I’ve come up with a way to display the new things for a little while before they head to the farm. It might not be for everyone, but I like it :)


Twine or fishing line

Clothespins–glue and craft paper


Command hooks

Put the command hooks onto the wall, attach the twine and hang up the artwork! See? Easy peasy :) If you want to decorate your clothespins like mine, go here.


You can dress this up even more if you like; I just happened to have these hooks already :)

these are so cute

Then you can take a picture of the artwork before you throw it away and keep a digital copy :)