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Happy Easter! Food edition.

I realize that most serious bloggers have their holiday posts up like a month early. Let’s just say I’m not as serious as I’d like ;) BUT, you can bookmark me if you see something you like for next year, or check out my pin boards at Pinterest, aka something else new and fabulous that keeps me up at night. Think visual bookmarks. It’s grand. But NOT as grand as our Lord and Savior Jesus whose resurrection we celebrate each year some time in March or April :) Here and here  are some things we did last year.

Let’s get to the food shall we?!

Chocolate Peep’s Nests

chocolate birds nest

peeps nests

Just make chocolate krispie treats and put them in a greased muffin tin and then smoosh down the middle with a shot glass or small cup.

peep peep!

I’m not even sure why my Peeps look radioactive, but they surely do. I bought the little robin egg Whoppers and then plopped a Peep on them! :) Cute and easy peasy. Next year I want to make these though: Lemonade Krispie Bird and Nest, cause ya’ll know I love citrus right?

French Vanilla Strawberry-filled Chick Cupcakes

cupcakes with filling

making a hole

I got the original recipe here. I substituted strawberries for raspberries because Abby wanted strawberries ;) I think the raspberries probably break down better though. I ended up with large chunks of strawberries. This probably could have been a non-issue though had I chopped the strawberries up beforehand :)

icing cupcakes

filled and ready for icing

These pictures are turrible. But you know what? It was like 11 o’clock at night so not only was it dark, but I was also too lazy to get the good camera out (not that it would’ve helped much). I really liked this buttercream. Although I did my own thing toward the end up with sugar and heavy cream. I like the idea of adding heavy cream. I don’t really like icing to begin with, but the cream (to me) was a good way to get a good consistency and add creaminess at the same time.

Easter chick cupcakes

cute and delicious

Finite! (that’s finished in some other language, not fie-night, as it appears) I like them a lot. Dye coconut with some food coloring. The eyes are mini M&Ms and the mouths are Starbursts. They’re not as orange as I would’ve hoped. The original poster used “fruit chews” of some kind that seem more orange-y.

Anywho. That’s my Easter food. Actually, I lie. We’ll also be making Resurrection Rolls and Resurrection Cookies. There are many different versions of both of these all over the internet. Some of the rolls are made with biscuits, some with crescent rolls. I’m going to use whatever is cheapest. I lie again, I already bought crescent rolls, whoops! We had them at MOPS and they’re delicious. I’ll update and do pictures after we make them! :)
Speaking of MOPS, if you are a mommy with young children check them out here to find a group near you :))

And once we get the crafting part done, I’ll post that too. If you check my pin boards you can find the future crafts there!