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Pet Rocks

Rock Pets? I’ve been confused about the official name of these little guys ever since I desired to make them. I actually made them a long time ago, before Easter, but just held on to it because its quick, easy, good ‘blog material.’ So I sent the Little Big Girl to gather rocks from the backyard, which was a fun little time in and of itself. We washed them up and headed to Hobby Lobby to buy supplies. Nothing too crazy; some straw hats, pom poms, and of course, googley eyes!

rock pet supplies


painted rocks


googly eyes

Little Big Girl liked putting the eyes and pom poms on :)

pet rocks

fine looking bunch

animal rock pets

the animals + ladybug

So there’s our beautiful collection of hand-painted (Etsy shop anyone?) rock pets/pet rocks :) Now I needed somewhere to display them and I had the perfect spot in mind: our bare bathroom wall. Everyone needs a conversation starter in the bathroom, yes? Maybe not, but that’s where I put them. I had a wooden train storage thing that I sanded, painted, and put picture hangers on the back of to get the job done.

i dont remember what the scissors were for


picture hangers

rocky roadhouse restroom! ha!