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DIY Dog Food Station

I’ve been gone awhile and I need to post something! I have lots of things to post that aren’t quite finished yet, but the type A in me won’t let me post something that isn’t yet finished :) So, this post is kind of a fluff post to make sure you all don’t think I’ve fallen off the blogosphere, AND it’s still a good idea nonetheless :) My mom is in town and A has been afflicted with some kind of pukage virus/food poisoning, so I’ve been dealing with that. Today is going MUCH better than yesterday, so we will be able to finish up those little craft projects later today.

Our dog food area was looking pretty sad when we first got our dog. I didn’t have money to go out and buy cute bowls and feeders, so it left a lot to be desired. She was just eating out of porcelain ramekins at first.

white porcelain ramekin

not that cool

They slid around and clanged together and Leah was growing out of them pretty quickly. So I found some of these at Walmart for about $4 :)


a little better :)

Then we had a problem with Leah splashing her water all over the floor, which was highly annoying. A kitchen rag underneath was hardly visually appealing, so what did I do? I bought a $2 placemat!

dog food placemat

just a regular ol' placemat!

dog food placemat

i dig the green+gray

dog food station

looking thrilled!

The bowls still slide around a little, but not as badly. That could be fixed by attaching a piece of a no-slip carpet pad to the bottom of the bowls. Voila! Easy peasy. Cheap too! :) What does your dog food station/area/place look like?