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Welcome Back, Blogger

my totally legit reason for hiatus

Ok, so it’s been a hot minute. I know. I’m sorry. But it’s true, the husband and I are pregnant. About 12 weeks. ¬†At first I was feeling totally zombified, between working nights and being home all day with the buggaboo. So blog time was replaced with nap time. Then I started watching LOST on Netflix. Probably a really giant mistake because now that the second trimester is happily upon us and I’m not feeling like the walking dead, nap time got replaced with ‘rest’ time, which is really code for laying on the couch and watching LOST. Sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes I don’t.

Writing blogs takes up a lot of brain power though, which is most definitely in short supply these days, but I have found myself getting back to thinking things like, “Oh, that would be a funny blog,” so that’s progress. For a few weeks nothing was coming to mind. It’s hard to be clear, witty, and pensive all at the same time. It takes a lot of energy to actually think about things and put them in writing. Most of the time it simply takes too much effort to think about stuff. Even funny stuff. So LOST it is. Which is another post I need to write that I can’t get out of my head: The Devil is in Distraction.

So anyway, that’s where I’ve been. I’m actually in kind of a horrible mood today and certainly won’t win any parenting awards for the morning. The short fuse that is my patience was lit before the sun even came up.

So hopefully I will be around more and be more disciplined. I always think I really want to be dreadfully lazy whenever I get the chance, but usually end up feeling like crap later. I have resumed my daily Coke Zero; not the three a day I was downing, just one, so maybe that will help. I just love them. I’d given up caffeine completely for about four and a half weeks, but my doctor isn’t worried about one coke or coffee a day, so neither will I. Which is another post I’ve got swimming around up in my head: Confessions from Pregnancy.

And yes, I was pregnant when I wrote my Restless post. I found out five days after writing it. God’s pretty wonderful like that. I mean, when He does stuff like that it kind of just blows my mind. His grace and mercy never cease to amaze me. The tenderness of it all. It was like, “OK Stacey, I’m going to let you feel this and let it hurt, but when you give it up and give it to Me, then you will see what I can do.” ¬†Pregnant or not, when I gave it up, it was better, but then He does things that just surprise the pants off you. So, God’s pretty amazing like that.