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Best Bean Dip. Ever.

This bean dip will change your life. Really! Ok, well, maybe not your life, but it’s certainly changed my life by causing me not to fit into last year’s capris in the most awesome way! I’ll never eat chips with just plain salsa again. It’s ridiculously easy too, and cheap, which makes it taste even better. I can’t take credit it for it though. Like the cheeseburger soup, it’s a Bible study recipe.


  • Refried beans
  • Salsa
  • Mexican Cheese (Or just fat free cheddar, which is all we had)
  • Olives Note: Optional
  • Sour cream  Note: Optional and we use fat free

Then you just layer! Spread the beans in the bottom of an 8×8 baking dish, then the sour cream (if you so choose, but I LOVE sour cream, even though apparently it’s just curdled milk?!), then be generous with the salsa, sprinkle cheese, and then top with olives. I’ve had it with and without olives. Me and olives aren’t BFF’s, so their presence or absence doesn’t really bother me. I will tell you that I ate 3/4 of dip in less than 24 hours and I also had some for breakfast, so maybe I should buy fat free refried beans too?! OH.MYLANTA!  It’s so good!