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Water Damage to Your iPhone?

No? Was that just me? Why yes, yes it was. Who reeeaallly likes their iPhone?! Me me me! Why oh why then, do I abuse it so? The first time it happened, I vowed to never again let something destructive and potentially life-threatening happen to my iPhone again. The first time? It looked a little sumpin’ like this:

cracked iphone screen


I had my little beauty about four months when this tragedy occurred. I always had a case on it, but I took it off that day to clean the nooks and crannies and forgot to put it back on before heading to story time. While we were leaving the library, A asked to smell the tulips, and I happily obliged. I bent down to pick her up and hoist her over the little railing to smell them and that’s when I heard it: the stomach sickening sound of my phone meeting the hungry pavement below; a choice morsel to it’s waiting concrete mouth. A truly gut-wrenching moment. BUT cracks shmacks, it still worked, so here I am, almost two years later, happy as can be with my working phone. Obla-dee, Obla-dah, life goes on.

Enter the sink almost two years later.

Scene of the accident

I was thawing some chicken and cleaning and texting and answering questions and telling the dog no, when suddenly my hand slipped and my phone went flying into the warm chicken hot tub below. I rescued it as quickly as I could, and for a few minutes, everything seemed to be working fine. I shook it. Some water came out (it was at this point I started Googling). I sent a few texts with no problems, but then weird things started happening. The little rocket sound that occurs when you send a text was gone. I tried to make a call, no sound. Then the error message reading ‘this device isn’t made for that one’ came on and I knew Houston had a problem.

All the things I was reading on Google said things like “Turn it off. Why would you use it? Stupid idiot.” Or, “Make sure you don’t shake it. Turn it off immediately so you don’t short circuit the motherboard. Duh.” So, I powered down and began to panic. I read a few articles/forums that said to stick it in rice for 72 hours. 72 hours?! Well, I would just have to worry about that later. I taped up all the ports and holes with electrical tape, poured brown rice in a bowl, submerged the phone in the rice, and stuck it into the (turned off) oven. Rice sucks out the moisture and the oven, well, I’m still not really sure what that was about.

After 12 hours I started wondering how the rice was going to draw moisture out if tape was covering everything, and after consulting with a trusty sound tech from my church, I removed the tape (from everywhere but the camera lens for some reason) and laid it on top of the rice for the remaining 12 hours.

Brown rice & electrical tape

If you’re really paying attention, you’ll notice that 12 hours+12 hours does NOT equal 72 :) Maybe more severe cases require 72 hours, but my lil’ ol’ phone was in water less than 5 seconds (how do I know? It’s one of those things you just…know, like knowing the sound of your own child’s cry) so I went with 24 hours.

Thankfully, miraculously, it WORKS! Yayyy! :)))

And it’s a good thing! I would hate to have to waste my upgrade on getting another 3G because I am waiting for this bad boy!

Lessons? Beside the obvious ya’ll.

If your phone falls in water:

  1. Do not carry on pretending nothing happened, even if the phone still works.
  2. Power the phone off–immediately
  3. Find some rice!
  4. Place your phone in/on (still not totally sure of placement or that there’s a consensus) the rice and leave it alone!


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Breast Feeding and French Braids

Almost from the moment I found out I was pregnant I devoured any and all knowledge pertaining to pregnancy. It’s that Type A, slightly perfectionistic, over-achiever in me. I wanted to know and learn everything there was to know about pregnancy, delivery, and breast feeding. I bought books, spent hours online reading articles, searched forums, and signed up for weekly newsletters about everything that was happening to my body and to my baby. I went to a breast feeding class. The La Leche League is a group entirely devoted to breast feeding. A lactation consultant will even come to your house to help if you and your newborn are having trouble getting the hang of the things.

After the birth of my daughter, a nurse came in and told us what to do and what to expect over the next couple days. From bathing, to baby poop, to feedings, to spit-up, we knew a lot. Great. We needed it.That’s all very helpful information for first time parents. In the hospital, A was a piece of cake. It was everything I imagined it would be; positively dreamy. The most annoying part was being woken up every few hours by a nurse who wanted to ‘check my bottom,’ not my beautiful (so I thought at the time) newborn. We left confident, baby in tow, ready to conquer the world and keep a completely helpless human being alive, on our own.

Fast forward three years. You know what I wish they would’ve taught me in the hospital or during pregnancy? How to French braid my daughter’s hair. I know, it seems so trivial, but honestly, a little hair-doing class during pregnancy wouldn’t have killed me. I’ve tried watching videos on YouTube and watched my MIL do it once, but I learn by doing and unfortunately, A isn’t always a willing participant. I can only force her to play ‘Mommy’s Beauty Salon’ so many times in a row. A nice class ahead of time where you could practice on the adults taking the class with you would’ve been really beneficial.

Why French braid? I’m not sure. I think maybe because I’ve always got my super long (to me anyway) hair up in a sloppy bun and I just want something a little better for my daughter because she’s so amazing. And I like learning new things and I’m sure she’ll request it one day. I’d like to be able to oblige. I tried to do the cool French braid-across-the-forehead look (a la Lauren Conrad) for story time one day. It didn’t exactly come out how I pictured.

Oh well. The baby girl didn’t mind and her bangs were out of her face (we’re growing them out), so off we went. No more ‘salon’ allowed. It didn’t exactly help my mom self-esteem any seeing a little girl at story time with a beautiful rendition of the look I was going for with A’s hair. I even commented and asked the mother how she did it, trying not to come across too creepy. What I really wanted to do was ask if she had a moment to sit down and show me how, but A is the outgoing one, not me.

A hair braiding specialist would be nice, especially since I’m not exactly a girly mom. I wear sweat pants about five days a week and my aforementioned hair does two things–in a bun or straight (like ice pick straight) down. Actually it does four things: a regular pony tail, crazy bun, straight down, and I’m in the beginning stages of starting to wear a long regular braid to the side.

A hair-doing (what is a better word for this?!) club would be cool. I would definitely go. Like a group of moms getting together to swap recipes but swapping hairdos for ourselves and kiddos instead.

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Fancy Towels w/Pockets!

Around Christmas time, my choir director had a little soiree at her house. It was b-e-a-utiful. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house–does this include stealing ideas?! She had these towels in one of her bathrooms that I absolutely fell in love with (not ending sentences with prepositions is much harder than it sounds). My upstairs bathroom (the one guests use) was leaving a lot to be desired and I figured fancy towels would be a nice (free) way to make it look a little nicer for guests. I Google everything. Everything. Finding a fancy-towel-folding tutorial was a lot harder than I anticipated, but I found one here, at the Red Chair Blog and was so inspired I decided to do my own little tutorial. I’m not exactly clear yet on proper blogging etiquette (yes, there is blogging etiquette), so I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toesies (tow-zees).

Start with your bath towel and fold it into thirds. Go hang it on the towel rack.

Ha! I went to hang my bath towel up and this is what I was greeted with upon returning :) Get your dog out of the way and start with your hand towel face up (tag side down). Obviously, if you’ve removed the tag and there isn’t a design, it doesn’t really matter.

Fold the bottom about 2/3 of the way up.

Take the top of the part you just folded UP and fold it back DOWN on top of itself. You may have to adjust the length of the initial fold UP in order to achieve this look. You don’t want this fold to be half way up the towel or it won’t be long enough to hang over something.

Flip everything over.

Fold (using that word a lot, eh? it is fancy towel FOLDing though) the two sides toward each other, tucking the right side into the pocket on the left side.

A different folding and tucking view.

The pocket! Over half way now! Take a little break and give yourself a pat on the back. Envision all the happy memories you’re going to have walking into your bathroom and seeing the masterpiece you’ve created.

Start with the washcloth tag side up. Start your washcloth fan by folding the tag in and then flip over and fold, flip over and fold, etc, until…

It looks like this.

Fold the washcloth in half.

Tuck the washcloth into the pocket you just created in the hand towel.

Finished :)

So, give it a try. If you have a dedicated guest bathroom (this is not dedicated), you could even put travel sized shampoo and soap in there. A ‘welcome to our bathroom’ card detailing where everything can be found, whatever. The possibilities are endless.

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DIY Dry Erase Board

    I’m feeling especially chatty today, so we’ll see how that goes. I just wanted to share a quick idea before the boo bear and I head off to story time. Most people have heard of chalkboard paint, but I wanted something a little different and easier to clean up in my kitchen, so I went with dry erase board paint. Measure out your board area, follow the paint instructions and you’re done! We bought some framing material (chair rail? crown molding?) and painted it white to give it a more polished look. C (the hubs) couldn’t quite get that bottom corner to measure up right, so we covered it up with an .88 ladybug from Walmart :) You can use it for weekly menus, family messages/scheduling, daily Bible verses, etc etc. The clean up is easier than with a chalkboard (no chalk dust!) and A likes to stand on a chair and draw on the wall, which surprisingly (and thankfully) hasn’t led to any other-wall artwork. Have fun :)

Home Improvement

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    The weather is doing me in! The snow specifically, so I’ve decided to take on some indoor DIY projects! They’re not finished yet, so this post will be updating, but here’s what I’m up to. A homemade spice rack.

Not mine, but mine will be similar

    I’m so excited about this! I ordered my bottles today. I got the smallest one on the far right.

Love them!

    I bought a piece of steel and was going to install it today but decided to wait in case I need to get a bigger piece, depending on how the jars fit. My second little project is in the bathroom. I’m painting it yellow and painting our hideous vanity white. Getting a little help from A :)





    I loved doing this. I really hated the wood and it was just so factory and yuck; it was a long time coming. Before priming, I scuffed up the original surface with one of those sanding sponges. Then I primed and then I painted, two coats. Easy peasy! I bought some satin-nickel knobs from Lowe’s for about $2 (the old one’s were gold!) and I have a brand new vanity!

    I did it! My spice rack is finished!!! Ok, almost finished :) I have to order a few more magnets to get my last remaining jars up there, but other than that, it’s totally functional!


    I bought of sheet of 12×24″ (there are several sizes available) steel and 3/16″ toggle bolts from Lowes, E-6000 glue from the craft department at Walmart, Neodymium magnets from eBay and glass hex jars online. I went to Lowes and asked them the best way to attach the steel to the drywall in my kitchen and they said I needed to anchor it with the toggle bolts. Here’s a nifty video explaining the toggle bolt and how to use them. I never read or heard anything about this anchoring business from my research on the web, so that’s why I feel compelled to tell you!
    You will need to pre-drill the steel with a bit the same size as the toggle bolt screw you’ll be using because those screws are flat, not pointed, and won’t actually drill through the steel. Holes (ginormous) will also need to be pre-drilled into the drywall for the actual toggle bolt to fit in. The E-6000 is apparently great glue and can be used with the neo magnets. It has a full curing time of 24-72 hours, but I found that it worked after 9 :) It doesn’t set up immediately like nail glue (you can glue yourself together quick with that stuff!) and rubs off kind of like that rubber glue you used in elementary school. You can use just any glass jar you like and my 4 oz jars are plenty big enough, even a little too big, but they were the only one’s in the shape that I wanted with a black metal lid. My magnets ended up being a little too small to hold the weight of the jars, so I doubled them up side-by-side on the jars. Those are strong little buggers and they jumped together while I was trying to glue them–SO stick them side-by-side before putting glue on them. They won’t jump on top of each other if they’re touching sides. So that’s that! :))

Pre-drilled holes

Doubled magnets

Metallic Sharpie to save the day

Yay! I love it!


    Here’s a little something the bugga and I do on rainy/snowy/slow days. You can buy the little stained glass pieces at Walmart for .88 and the stained glass paint isn’t too expensive either. You can also go to a craft store (and sometimes Walmart) and get the wooden crafts to paint with either the stained glass paint (kind of runny on wood) or acrylic paint. I buy a little pack of suction cups with hooks for like $2. Have fun!




Goop Monday

Everybody needs something fun to do on Mondays. Something to start the week off right, especially if you worked 29.5 hours the weekend before :p Daughter loves this and I usually break it out on rainy days, but today we made it because Momma wasn’t up to playing entertainer today. Goop is crazy! It’s solid, but then it’s liquid! It drips and oozes; it’s non-toxic and clean up is simple; let the stuff that drips on the floor dry, then sweep it up :) You might have to use the broom to loosen it off the floor, but it’s a cinch. As for the child–just toss ’em in the tub and voila! No more goop :) Looking at the mess is a little frightening-I admit, but really, clean up is no problem. It comes off of everything with water or can be scraped up when it’s dry. Type A, OCD Mommy was rearing her ugly head at first: “Keep it in the bowl! Stop dripping it on the floor.” Ok, that’s enough on your leg!” Then I gave in and fun was had by all :)


  • 2 cups of Cornstarch.
  • 1/2 cup of water. Note: I started out with 1/2 cup and then added 1/4 cup at a time until the desired consistency was achieved. Add little by little–it should feel solid in the bowl, but your hands should sink into it when pressed. It’s crazy!
  • Food coloring Note: This is optional


Solid & Drippy!

The mess :o)

PS: If anyone knows how one might make all three of those pictures appear on the same line via HTML, help is appreciated!