DIY Valentine’s Day Bags

This will be short and sweet because I have Lily in the swing making a whoopee for me to clean up. And hey! It hasn’t even been a week! So Abby has her Valentine’s Day party on Tuesday and I stumbled across these cute little bags. I wanted to make them more kid friendly and user specific, so I made my own version with Word for Mac. It wasn’t easy. I’m not gonna lie. And they’re not nearly as cute as the ones at Twig & Thistle, but they’ll certainly do for a bunch of preschoolers?! I’m going to write each child’s name in the middle.

PS-Im going to make brownies and use a heart cookie cutter on them, stick those in snack bags, in the Valentine bag with some Cars valentines and send Abby to school :o)


brownie bag, DIY brown bag

tada. i edited out the name of her school.

The bags certainly made my printer hate life. That’s what I get for buying brown lunch bags from Walmart. Next time I will try a craft store. And maybe white bags. I got the fonts from here. They’re free and easy to use. I found the font website from my friend Jerica’s craft blog. Look her up.


Happy Valentine’s Day! That was fast. Got some poop to deal with now.

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