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Im really sorry to say that I haven’t made anything fantastic lately. But in my defense, it IS cookout season, and I’ve been to two this week! :) Who doesn’t love cookout food?! It’s also a cool 100 degrees in these parts. And by cool I mean Death Valley hot. You know how there can be a difference between 98 degrees in…Aspen and 98 degrees in…Alabama? If you don’t know, let me tell you. Usually in Aspen, the humidity is zero and you’ve got a nice breeze (at least when I was there). Where I am and in Alabama? It’s stifling. Suffocating. Miserable. Oppressive. All I have to do is think about how hot it is outside and I start sweating and getting weak from the sun. So, my desire to cook is measuring right up there with the desire to be in labor.

Speaking of labor, looks like we’re going to have another wonderful little girl. The little alien crazy eye-socket face flashed us the hamburger, so it looks like more pink for us! The Little Big Girl has maintained that she wanted a girl since the first three minutes we told her we were having a baby. So she says now; we will pray it stays that way. So anyway, that’s that.

Speaking of Little Big Girl. She’s been in dance camp all week which is just too cute for me even to handle. But yesterday I brought her clothes to change into because we were going to lunch and then the ultrasound right after. So while at lunch, she spilled milk all in her lap. Nice, right? In lieu of yucky milk panties, I decided that we should just forego them altogether, which is usually fine. She’s gone commando before. But not in a dress. What choice did I really have though? Going home was not an option and I didn’t have any spares. She knows (as much as any three year old does) to keep her dress down, but I stressed to her then that it was extremely important. She’s got it, she told me. So while we’re standing in line at Starbucks (for a decaf frappe, don’t judge me. even if it wasn’t decaf) I turn around and what’s she doing? Spinning around with her dress twisted up to her belly button. Awesommeeeee. I thought it was hilarious, but at noon on a 100 degree day, Starbucks was packed (and someone even ordered hot chocolate, seriously?!) and I didn’t think busting out laughing would be appropriate (although…looking back, maybe it was). So I just scooped her up and kind of explained to everyone and no one (mostly the air) that she spilled milk earlier and I didn’t have any other choice. That she normally wore panties. And that I really wasn’t a horrible, weird mom. Oh boy. It was funny :) But seriously, what else could be done with milk panties on a hot day?


a blurry, tiny, fuzzy watermelon!

baby cuke!

All hard work DOES bring a profit! :) Still no action from my tomatoes though, which is disappointing. They’re growing tall and strong, but I’ve only seen one or two yellow flowers :( It is stupid hot though. Poor babies.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Meg on July 7, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    Hee hee, milk panties!! Too funny!

    I for one am really happy you are having another girl! Having a girl myself, I think I could have 4 more & be quite content :)
    I’m sure boys are fun too, but I wouldn’t know about them. Congrats!!!!!!!

    Congrats on your garden too. We bought a tomato kit about 6 weeks ago & never did anything with it :( Wonder if it’s too late to try?


  2. Posted by Dixie Keeton on July 7, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    Always, always carry spare panties and shorts. They fit in your purse in a baggie. I bet it felt good to Abby! Love it.


  3. Posted by Michelle on July 15, 2010 at 12:38 am

    So happy for you to hear the news you are having a baby girl. You are truly blessed!


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