How Does Your Garden Grow?

Willy nilly and fancy free. Quite nicely actually. I was a little scared because I’ve planted oh-so-many things with oh-so-none success. Well, that’s only partly true; everything I plant sprouts, but has failed to bloom–until now! There are actually bright yellow flowers on my cucumbers and watermelons. I’m hoping that’s a good sign and does not mean they’ve contracted some sort of disease or that I planted strange, spreading yellow flower plants instead of fruit. Some pictures you ask? WHY SURE! :)

and so we begin

cucumbers sprouting on their mounds

spinach sprouts? or weeds? they turned out to be spinach =/

sugar baby watermelon sprouts

So that was my little garden as of May 25th. And nowwwww…..

the longshot

watermelon vines everywhere

watermelon flower

my ca-ca-crazy cucumbers

cucumber flowers

my maters needed stakin'

If you’re curious about why there aren’t any spinach pictures (which I know you are), it’s because they’re a little sad. I mean, I plucked half of my crop  by accident and now they’re just sad looking. They look like spinach leaves, but do I pick them and eat them now? I know they’re more of a cold weather plant and I didn’t get around to planting until the second week of May, so with temperatures in the 90’s it might just not be my year for spinach. But oh well. I’m pretty pleased with the rest of my progress! The first part of Proverbs 14:23 is one of Little Big Girl’s memory verses and it goes like this: “All hard work brings a profit.” So not only are we (by we, I mean mostly me) having fun in the dirt and working hard for our food, but we’re standing on God’s Word as well.

The weeding has been more difficult than I’d like, but I think that’s only because I’m pregnant and can’t do the heat much right now. Next year I’ll definitely be doing some weed block (that black netting stuff). When it’s not 445 degrees, I actually like pulling up weeds :) Little Big Girl? Not so much involved since we planted, but she’s three and “being sweaty makes [her] have a wedgie,” so who can argue with that?! :) She’ll enjoy harvesting though and when she’s a little bigger I can force the labor on her. I’m hood like that.

Have a fantabulous week and hopefully I’ll make something interesting for dinner :) I reeeaallly want some chicken salad. Can we just have chicken salad sandwiches for dinner with macaroni and cheese? Hmmm…

4 responses to this post.

  1. you are incredible! i have such a black thumb. i would love to have a herb garden at least. *sigh* maybe someday. good for you. you are inspiring!


    • Ash you have no idea how many things I’ve planted that have grown (yaaayyy!) and then never bloomed (booooo). Talk about a letdown! I think its been the prayer Abby and I have been aiming at this garden that’s doing the trick this time….lol


  2. I think the problem in your garden is the poor soil. Your soil looks dry. The most important factors in gardening are the soil and the sunlight. To improve your poor soil you can add well-decomposed compost, which will add valuable organic matter that has nutrients.


    • Yes, I agree with you! I decided to start a garden kind of on a whim and tilled my plot only a few weeks before planting, so I didn’t really have time to prepare a good soil ahead of time. Then I got pregnant and I put even less effort into it :( But I do plan to take better care of it in the off season and try to help its …richness? I need all the advice I can get!


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