The Amazing Race Cowboys

jet and cord amazing race

Yeehaw! Meet the Cowboys :)

Ok, even though I only reference The Amazing Race in the title, I might also talk about the Biggest Loser, SO, if you’re like me and DVR/TIVO everything and havent watched them yet, stop reading!

I’ve been meaning to talk about the Cowboys for a while now. I just realized I don’t even know which one is Jet and which one is Cord. Shame on me. How can I even claim to be a groupie fan when I don’t even know their names?! In the first episode, when they exchanged American money for Brazilian money because they were going to CHILE, I thought “Oh man, these two dudes are not the brightest bulbs in the box. It’ll be a shame to see them go.” I was happily surprised when they pulled off a pair of first place finishes a few legs later. I especially love that one of them bungee jumped with his hat firmly in place and used a garbage bag as a makeshift cowboy hat cover in the rain. They always, ALWAYS (so far) stay cool, calm, and collected on the race and try to be kind to everyone. If you’ve watched this show for any length of time, you’ll see that those two attributes are hard to come by.

It was so heartbreaking (yes, Im emotionally invested in the race) to see that the Cowboys left a coconut behind! How could they?! And THEN they left the blooming map on the boat! Did you notice however, that when the Cowboys were told that they left a coconut behind that they didn’t stand there and hem, haw, argue, and cuss at the poor island-man like the Models and Lesbians did? I mean really,  he didn’t deserve that, and they thought arguing was really going to help? Like he didnt know what he was doing? It struck me as disrespectful and ignorant.

Back to the Cowboys. Obviously their heads were really out of the game that day, but thankfully for them (and all of us, of course), it was a NON-elimination leg! Whew. Thanks Phil! But then in the preview for tomorrow night’s show, they’re shown making more stupid and costly mistakes. I hope it was just creative editing, you know how that goes. I am on pins and needles!

If you want to learn more about the lovable duo, go here: Jet & Cord

On to the Biggest Loser this past week. What were the Pink team and Koli really thinking going after Stephanie like that? I never would’ve pegged her as a game player and certainly not one to throw her weight to get rid of someone. To me, she appears to try really hard and struggles with her low numbers at times. Furthermore, why would she even want to throw Pink Mom off? She wasn’t putting up big numbers, so how was getting rid of her ‘playing the game?‘ And then the Pink girl voted her OUT?! Her roommate? Her “friend?” What’s up with that? I mean, Sam’s got this in the bag. He could lose weight at home easy, but whatever, they voted poor Steph out.

But NOT poor Steph! She looked great, and I hope she kicks butt at the finale :)


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