Easter Egg Tree

Great googly-moogly! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve sat down to write a post, no? Seems like forever! I was in a pretty good rhythm for oh, you know, a day or two, then my mom came, then A (my toddler girl) got sick, then I got sick, then I felt like I need a good three days rest for a one day sickness. I have a lot of things to post (wait, didn’t I say that a few days ago?); I just need to go about getting it done :)

I’m all about holiday themed crafts and decorations. Trouble is, I’m not the least bit crafty, nor do I have a lot of extra money to actually spend on crafts. I especially like outdoor crafts and decorations relating to the current holiday! I used to have one of those flag poles. You know, the one’s with a bracket that you screw into your house, attach a pole to, and then hang $20 flags from? Oh how I loved that flag pole! Over the winter a giant snow drift hung from our roof onto the flag pole and the weight of it caused the plastic bracket to snap, leaving me outdoor decoration-less. My solution? Totally steal borrow an idea from our neighbor down the road for a plastic Easter egg tree :)


  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Fishing line or clear jewelry cord
  • Scissors
  • Maybe: A push pin or small nail & hammer

I bought (actually, my momma bought) the Easter eggs and fishing line at Hobby Lobby for a whopping $4 (give or take $1)! I got the biggest eggs I could find, and would’ve gone bigger if they would have had them, but whatever you size you like is fine. We bought 12, but could’ve used 18 or even 24 if we really wanted to go Easter egg ca-razy. If you can find the plastic eggs with a hole already in the top, that’s great, but if not, it’s no E. No big ‘e,’ biggie, get it? :)

easter egg tree


If you do not have a hole in your egg already, you’ll need to make one. A small one. Or else you’re going to have to try to make a huge knot with a very thin material which isn’t that cool. I used a pushpin and hammer.

when pushing isn't enough

After you’ve made your hole, cut a length of fishing line. The length is all up to you. Insert both ends of the fishing line through the top of the egg, so you have two loose ends on the inside of the egg. You want your knot on the inside of the egg, big enough so it won’t pull through the hole, leaving you a nice, neat loop on top to hang on the tree.

a teeny, tiny knot

There wasn’t any good way to take a picture of ‘invisible’ fishing line on the inside of a hot pink egg, my apologies. If the explanation above leaves you feeling lost, confused, and like a DIY failure, leave me comment and I’ll try to explain better.After you’ve tied your knot, snap your egg together and repeat! It was a very tedious process. I had to make four or five small knots on top of each other to make one big enough that wouldn’t go through the hole.

ready to hang!

Once you’re finished, head outside and start decorating :)

easter tree decorating

grammy and the bug

tada! :)

I mean, for $4, you really can’t beat it. Sure, a $20 flag with a cute bunny on it would be nice too, but this just adds a little festivity to your yard and is a great project for little ones. The baby girl hung most of them on the low branches and then I moved them around afterward ;) It says to your neighbors, “Hey, we’re fun, and we like to celebrate holidays.” What’s your yard saying about you?!

What outdoor DIY Easter decorations did you do this year? I love new ideas! :)

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  1. Posted by Dixie (mom) on April 2, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Beautiful pic. Why does A have an egg on her face?


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  3. Good afternoon, Happy Easter!!!


  4. Dear Friends, Happy Easter!!!


  5. I love it! It looks so beautiful, and perfect because it is cheap!


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