St. Patricks Day

‘Ello D&Der’s! :) Hope you all had a great, fun day and didn’t get pinched too much. Some people are really sticklers for that, including me. St. Patricks Day around here started off with this:

You’ve got an ‘egg in a basket’ with a green egg and green buttered toast on the left, paired with toasted bread topped with green cream cheese on the right. Sitting pretty in the middle is the circle from the ‘basket’ toasted with a smear of green butter. Green milk. Oh, and a cantaloupe, because you’ve gotta have a mouth, and a fruit for breakfast! I was actually really proud of my St. Patricks Day breakfast. It’s the first time I’ve attempted such a thing, and I was sure that A would be absolutely thrilled! Boy was she! Not. I made breakfast and then went off to run (my 5K is on Saturday!), but left strict instructions that breakfast was to be finished! I come back home to baby back in bed watching Bob the Builder and Dad tells me that she had about three more bites and then refused to eat anymore AND said she didn’t like her milk. Blimey! Not to be deterred, we carried on with green fingernails and clovers after breakfast.

We finished off my portion (I had to work this evening) of St. Patricks day with a green lunch! Green peanut butter & jelly with green beans and yes, the rest of the green milk. Apparently Dad is not as scary (mean?!) as I am a la “Do what you’re told, child!”

We also completed a little craft that A got from Sunday school this past week. St. Patrick is (was?) the patron saint of Ireland and a Christian missionary. St. Patrick used the Shamrock to help people understand the holy trinity: the Father at the head, the Holy Spirit on the left, and Jesus Christ on the right. They are three separate persons (leaves), but one (on one stem).

So, this was my first time really doing something cool for a smaller holiday. Well, I made heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes for Valentine’s Day, so that counts I guess! What did you guys do? Any other cool ideas for little kiddos?

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8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dixie (mom) on March 18, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    What a great imagination! You put a lot of thought into the day. How sweet! Yes, sometimes what Mommys’ do is Thankless, but never forgotten. It all helps shape your child. Love the fingernails and the breakfast.


  2. Good job! Wish I was at your house that day…I think I realized at about lunch time what day it was, and no green! Sorry!
    I have no ideas for you, but I might steal yours one day! Did you actually mix peanut butter with food coloring? I would have thought they wouldn’t mix too well.
    I am very non-holiday person, but I wish I did better. I do nothing for ANY of them except Christmas…but I want Autumn to have fun like Abby does so I am going to try harder.
    You know how you always have a special outfit for your kids on holidays…well, I might be that one mom that doesn’t :( Autumn already got clothes for Christmas & Halloween so at least those 2 are covered!
    Love ya sister!


    • Ohhh Meg, I never knew about or did any of this stuff before Abby was born, or even her first/second year of life. In fact, I had to Google ‘St. Patricks Day foods for kids’ the night before to get ideas :) You’re going to be a great mommy! And


  3. That seems like a lovely St. Patrick’s Day – I’m envious of the breakfast!


  4. Posted by CStoll on March 22, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    I’m such a slacker when it comes to holidays. I think it comes from my husband. Seriously, his family doesn’t do anything on the right holiday; they joke about Christmas caroling on Easter and opening presents on 4th of July, but it is almost that bad. So even though I used to love all holidays and do everything, I have slacked since our kids have been born. I’d forgotten it was even St. Patrick’s Day until we went to the library for Story Time (first time!!), and every else was wearing green. Oops! I’ll do better next year, I promise.

    Loved the craft, by the way.


    • Christmas caroling on Easter? ha, that’s funny! Two story times in a row and I’ve missed you and Logan and Audrey! Cam isn’t big on holidays either, but I’ve decided to celebrate away. Kate Gosselin was actually my inspiration! She did Valentine’s Day up big, well back when the show was on. And I loved the craft too! It was in a brown paper bag A brought home from her Sunday school class!


  5. Posted by Dixie (mom) on March 25, 2010 at 4:53 am

    I think making holidays special for your children is just fun. It breaks the monotomy of life, but is it going to dramatize them if you don’t. Of course not. I can’t say I did St. Patrick’s Day, but I loved birthdays, Easter, Christmas, V-Day, etc. It was fun for me too. I hope it enriched your life. It did mine!


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