500 Days of Summer vs. Shutter Island

Things have been kind of heavy around here so I thought I’d lighten it up a bit! Not that Shutter Island is exactly your feel good kind of movie, but Leo is certainly your feel good kind of guy, ha! :) Can we just talk about him for a second? After he did Romeo and Juliet, I was in love with the boy. OBsessed. Ask my mom. I bought every Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, and BOP magazine with his face on it and promptly cut it out to stick in my Leo DiCaprio 3-ring magnetic photo album. You know the ones I’m talking about. I’m pretty sure my mom still has it. Maybe she can bring it to me so I can post some pictures. It was truly a masterpiece. I don’t even think A’s baby books are that good.

I was also one of those twelve year olds who saw Titanic fourteen times…in the theater. Thank you James Cameron. He was such a boy then!  Catch Me if You Can, The Aviator, and Blood Diamond are all movies I could watch again as well (which is rare).  The Departed is actually one of my favorite movies; in the top 10 I’d say.

Jump with me quickly (super quick) to the 500 Days of Summer. Did anyone else think this movie was completely boring? I literally fell asleep less than half-way through. Maybe I was really tired though; I wouldn’t put it past me. I’m all for romantic comedies and love stories, and I even think the little lead guy was handsome enough, but man, that movie was sleep city! What’d you think?


DO NOT PROCEED if you haven’t seen it yet (go see it and then come back!) :0)

Shutter Island is also another winner. I can’t wait to see it again actually :) I’d say C and I will probably need to own this movie! It’s the kind of movie that you need to watch again, knowing what happens, because things will make so much more sense. Conversations and sideways glances that didn’t seem to matter much the first time around are actually riddled with meaning.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. **SPOLERS!!**

    Well, I cannot believe you do not have more comments regarding Shutter Island. Me & Shafe could not stop talking about it.
    I think that Andrew Laeddis did face the facts & come out of his delusions (which I did NOT see coming by the way! It was such a fabulous reveal!). Which is great from a psychiatrist’s POV I suppose. However, when he came out of his delusions, he had to face reality which was that (as he believed) had he gotten his wife help, his children would not have died in such a hideous, horrible way. So, therefore he was part-murderer in his children. Kind of a lot to carry around in your heart, no?
    So, I think that he purposefully/willfully allowed his mind to slip back into the delusion because as he said at the end “It’s better to die a man than to live a monster”. Which basically means that he thinks it’s better to be lobotomized as a US Marshall/war hero than to have to deal with murdering his own children. So if you think of it like that, then he was no longer fully delusion even in his delusions. Hmmmm….

    But, what did you think?

    Also, did not like 500 days of Summer-depressing. Also had LOTS of cut-out pictures of Leonardo on my ceiling/closet doors…still have them in a folder somewhere. Did not like Titanic, but when he came back with Catch Me if You Can, I was a fan again & love him & Scorsese together!

    One last thing, Shutter Island depressed me. It really made me sad. I liked it, but probably won’t watch it again. I get so affected by movies & need no more sadness than real life gives me :)


    • Well I think I didn’t write so much because I need to see it again. Like so many things that happened will make so much more sense the second time around. Like when DiCap was asking the guards why they seemed so on edge in the very beginning, well duh!, it’s because they had a crazy person running around :) I’ll have to process your version of the ending. It was a very twisty, turn-y movie, with a lot of great surprises. It had you thinking DiCap was the 68th(?) patient and that he was crazy, but after he met ol’ girl in the cave, I thought no, it’s not him. Loved the back and forth and totally did NOT see him being the husband of the murdered children. Cam said he did, but I guess I’m not as smart as him :)

      Mmm. I’m ok with movies. They’re just pretend :) It’s real life I try not to replay. If that makes sense…


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